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Wooden Windows - Advantages

1.                  The low processing cost, the cheapest component production and low utilization cost is seen as a great economic and                              ecological advantage, favorable to the recycling process.

2.                  Wood is a natural product. Different wood species correspond with sophisticated décor / ornament conceptions and                             artistic arrangements.

3.                  Lack of electrostatic charge is favorable for the dusty areas where dust usually stuck more intensively on to the                                 surfaces.

4.                  During the fire, wood does not emit toxic substances.

5.                  Simplicity in color changing and staining, wide choice of  Sikkens / Gori palette. There is also a possibility of on site hand                       painting, as wood can be prepared and primed for this purpose.

6.                  The high stability and temperature distortion resistance.

7.                  Due to the safe glazing and fixtures from renown manufacturers like Roto, Winkhaus, Gu in Germany our windows                                 satisfy the British Standards and all the regulation requirements. The highest quality of wood - guaranteed by the                                   Rosenheim Institute in Germany - combined with The Schlegel O-Ion Gasket (Euro gasket) isolation and painting system                        ensure the sun and fire protection along with an outstanding resistance to moisture.

8.                  Matching the highest safety and anti-burglary standards thanks to the sash installation method (beading from inside).

9.                  Easy additional furnishing and reparation.

10.              Lack of the unsealing necessity of the window due to the free airflow from the outside and ventilation systems made by                       Renson or Sigenia

11.             The technology process used, this is triple-layered wood, raisin glue and bent edges, our windows are not susceptible to                       inner tensions and crack formation caused by the sun rays

12.              To assure 1.3 W/m2 K heat –transfer coefficient for whole our window we use window panels 4/16Ar/4TP with overall                         heat-transfer coefficient U=1.1 W/m2 K. Thanks to usage of term-float and inert gas (argon) infilling in between window                     panes the acoustic transfer coefficient Rw=1.3 db

13.              Highly recommended in hospitals and public use buildings in order to lack of chemical and toxic substances emission                               during the combustion in high temp.

14.              Adoption of buckram wood technology with triply–layer wood bonded together, our windows assure high shape stability                      in spite of the temperature changing. The cross section of the frame affirm stiffness of the construction

15.              It is anticipated that the total use period for the wooden window is around 50 years.

16.              In addition to the pinewood, commonly used for the window purpose, we offer mahogany – meranti, kauri pine and oak.

17.              Various window panels: safe, anti-burglar, reflexive, mirroring, antisol, sound absorbing with different coefficient of                           heat permeability. Various glass colors: green, brown, blue, yellow and graphite

18.              Envelope furniture with micro-ventilation and four positioned hopper, folded, sliding and anti-burglary,

19.              System of windows jointing and accessories: mosquito screens, aluminium straps, ornamented moldings

20.              Doubled gasket especially for air-conditioned buildings.