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We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. 

Sash Windows

The quality of our windows is second to none. We offer both unfinished           

and treated which include five number of layers of the quality RAL / SIKKENS  


Our ash windows are produced from pine wood, meranti, oak,spruce or other

to Customers requirements. The 58 mm thick sash is made from tri-ply glued  

sawn and the 146 mm thick door from timber. the double glazed glass panels 

are 24mm thick. The spring hardware used in guillotine windows enables        

sashes to be either fixed sliding or tilted. there is a possibility of installing     

sashes which can slid and tilt.                                                                              


Sash Windows Swivel 90

Sash windows design is typical of Anglo-Saxon architecture. 

Opening of guillotine windows, contradictory to windows      

with opening sashes, do not incur the space inside the room. 

The open sash can be left at any position. Thanks to this,       

the room ventilation is optimal. Safety is ensured by the         

hardware system blocking the sash in the ‘lock’position.         

Casement Windows

The advantages safety catch for children, easy clean, adjustable    

2 level locking system, no more sills emptying thanks to the fully    

 outward opening system, no glass moldings inside, very efficient   

ventilation and water drain system.                                                      


Casement Windows With Cladding 

Externally applied aluminum cladding extend the durability of the         

window while the wooden finish inside brings the warmth and nature. 

The choice of two colors optional.                                                            

Nordic Casement Swivel 180 


Cross-Section View